Friday, April 22, 2016

Chromo Therapy Health Benefits 2016 – Lets Understand in Details

People have long known that seeing certain colors can bring about different emotions.
Wearing your favorite color can help you feel more confident and attractive, while wearing a color you don’t care for can make you feel more self-conscious.

Similarly, spending time in a room with a bright and cheery color can help you feel more cheerful yourself, while spending time in a room that is dark and gloomy can lead to a feelings of sadness or anger.

Yet, the concept of color therapy, which is more formally known as Chromo Therapy, did not start to receive much recognition until fairly recently.

What is Chromo Therapy?

It is a specific type of alternative medicine therapy that involves using different colors and light to help balance the energy of a patient. By using certain colors, a color therapy professional can help bring balance to the patient’s emotional, physical, mental or spiritual state.
In order to bring balance to a patient, the Chromo Therapy expert must be able to identify the color that the patient is missing.

This is most commonly accomplished with the Luscher color test, which was developed by Max Luscher in the early 1900s. Once the diagnosis has been made, the therapist then applies color and light to acupoints on the patient’s body. These colors and lights can be applied in a number of ways. These can include using:

Bath treatments
Colored fabrics
Colored glasses or lenses

When applying therapeutic colors, the therapist may also combine aromatherapy and hydrotherapy techniques with the color therapy session.

Understanding the Colors Used in It

After completing a color therapy course, a Chromo Therapy specialist learns more about how to use the various colors in order to achieve the desired results. Each color is associated with both a negative and a positive effect, which the therapist must understand fully in order to know which colors to use and how much of each color should be used at a time. There are seven colors used in colour therapy, with each color serving a specific purpose and being associated with a certain part of the body these include:

Red – the base of the spine
Orange – area around the pelvis
Yellow – the solar plexus
Green – heart
Blue – throat
Indigo – lower forehead area
Violet – top of the head

By keeping these colors in balance, the body systems can also remain in balance and maintain proper health.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Real Truth About Organic Beauty Products

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Truly organic products are made of natural ingredients. Some of the most widely used organic ingredients are fruits, herbal extracts, flowers and plant oils. Ingredients from petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrances, plastics and synthetic colors are not included in organic beauty products. Without these synthetic ingredients, these products are not likely to be tested on animals.

If one doesn't have the time to check if claims of a product being organic are true, then one should stick to known organic industry leaders. There are many well-respected manufacturers of organic beauty products. Some of these companies have been operating for almost 30 years in dozens of stores around the world. These companies do not use animals for testing their products and seek out sustainable natural sources for their ingredients. These shops usually sell fragrances, skin and hair care products that are all-natural.

There are a lot of benefits that can be achieved in using organic products, such as lotions. It's not just mild to the skin but some also have therapeutic effects which can help in healing various skin conditions. Sunburn, various wounds, and skin irritations are just some skin conditions which can be remedied with organic lotion. It's not only helpful in treating skin problems, but organic lotion also has moisturizing effects on your skin to keep it hydrated.

Organic lotion is safe for people of any age. Even children can use it daily without worries of damaging the skin. It has no identified strong or toxic components, which makes it safe for anyone to use, so you don't have to be anxious about applying too much on your skin since it is completely safe. Sometimes it's even preferred by people with a skin condition because of its hypoalergenic properties and its Beneficial effects on their skin.

For those people having sensitive skin and are dealing with acne problems, it's really difficult to settle for a product that can deal with both. There is a number of acne fighting products that have ingredients that are too strong for sensitive skin, which sometimes causes skin irritation. When Worse comes to worst, the simple acne problem can developed into a major skin problem that needs serious medical attention. That's why it's safer to try using natural organic skin care and organic lotion treatments to see if it can provide you with excellent results.