Monday, October 16, 2017

Principle of Laser Hair Removal 2017

Laser hair removal is become the most common method for removing the hair for the unsightly body parts and Women mostly use these method as compared to men. It is commercially used since 1997 as the therapy of removing hair. According to FDA (food drug administration) of United States of America it is a permanent hair removal method. In this article we will discussed about the principle use in the hair removal through the laser.

SPTL (selective photo thermo lyses) is the primary principle adopted for the laser hair removal in which specific wave length light is thrown on to the selected body pats for specific duration to obtained the desired result with minimal or no effects on the surrounding tissue of the targeted tissues. Laser light absorb the dark target matter “melanin” and damaged the hair follicles which is responsible for the hair growth and does not effect the rest of the skin.

As melanin plays an important role in the laser hair removal which is also term as chromophore which is naturally present or if not naturally present then it is introduced in the body. Melanin have two main types Eumelanin and pheomelanin, first one gives black or brown color to skin while later one gives red or blond color to skin and hairs.

As photons present in the laser light are selectively absorbs so it is only effective in the dark and brown color skin and hair and is not used in blond or red color hairs and among the brown or black skin it works best in the light skin tone with the dark color hair but latest technologies are also effective against dark skin and hair color also.

Laser hair removal is the quickest and effective way of hair removal but still all of these results greatly depend upon the experience and skill of the person who is operating the laser. So all way hire the professional for hair removal with care, because their little negligence can lead to some serious health risks such as skin cancer.

Stay Away From Misleading Acai Berry Scams

There are multitudes of Acai berry products available in the market today. Many of these programs tout to be genuine when it fact they are actually Acai berry scams. Make sure you do not fall prey to such programs.

Ever since Oprah Winfrey swore by the health benefits and weight loss inducing abilities of Acai berry, manufacturers have been queuing up to sell such products to consumers. Do not get taken in easily though because many of these programs are really frauds. Do not let these Acai berry scams swindle you of your hard earned money.

There are thousands of MLM programs online and the range of products is enormous. Many of these programs entice you to earn huge incomes by selling Acai berry products. These products could be in the form of syrup, pill or some other form.

These programs typically function by luring in unsuspecting recruits to register and pay huge amounts of cash. You need to pay the company an enormous amount of money before signing up. In fact, this is one of the prerequisites to being eligible for such programs. Once you enter the scheme, you are required to recruit as many candidates as possible to do the referrals and marketing.

Obviously, as in any other MLM marketing program, these programs pay out the highest dividends to the people topmost in the pyramid hierarchy. If you have just joined into the scheme, it would take you a long time before you can even start recovering the costs of what you paid into the program. If you ever receive an email claiming you can win thousands selling Acai berry products, stay away from them.

There are manufacturers who lure consumers by offering them so called ‘free’ Acai berry samples. The manufacturers ask you to pay for the handling and shipping expenses and the product per se is ‘free’. While such an offer can be very tempting, it is in reality a trial package.

Once the trial period ends, you are sent further shipments and are billed for all of these products. Millions of customers have lost thousands of dollars because of such Acai berry scams. What is particularly alarming is that the manufacturers do not seek your permission before shipping off these extra consignments.